Graduate Admissions FAQs


How long does it take to complete a degree?

Master’s degrees take approximately 2 years of full-time study and Doctoral degrees take approximately 3 years of full-time study beyond the master’s.

What is the deadline for applying for Autumn semester?

Deadlines for University Fellowship and GA consideration can be found at Applying for Graduate Funding. Students are encouraged to apply early to ensure time for supporting materials to be received and for faculty to review their application files. In addition, during the months of December and January, incoming applications tend to increase significantly, so it is best to submit applications as well as supporting materials well in advance of the published deadlines for Fellowship and GA consideration.

Is there a separate application to be considered for a Fellowship and/or GA position?

No, there is no separate application required. Just check the appropriate boxes on your online application to be considered for them.


How much are the tuition and fees for graduate students?

Visit University Registrar for Tuition and Fees tables, Explanation of Fees, Late Fees Petition, and more.

How many graduate students are in the School of Music and how many of those are funded?

We have approximately 130 full-time and part-time graduate students. Approximately half of our full-time students are funded – through Graduate Associateships, University Fellowships, and a few with Graduate Associate appointments in other areas of the university (e.g. Wexner Center for the Arts, Graduate School). Many of our part-time students are public school teachers who take evening and summer classes.

What is the annual stipend for the associateship positions, and how many clock hours are required of the students (such as a .50 full-time equivalency or 20 hours/week)?

For the 2018–2019 academic year, in addition to the tuition and fee waiver, the beginning stipend is approximately $1,835 a month for 9 months for a full-time (50%) GA. Our 50% associates are required to contribute a workload of 20 hours a week. Persons on 25% appointments receive one-half tuition and fee waiver, a stipend of approximately $917 a month, and are required to contribute a workload of 10 hours a week. For the 2018–2019 academic year, Fellowship recipients will receive $2,150 a month for 12 months with no work responsibilities. These amounts all may vary from year to year.

Are there any other benefits that come with a graduate associateship (health insurance, faculty privileges)? 

  • Students receive office space.
  • They receive a parking permit upgrade from "Student" to "Staff."
  • The university also sponsors a portion of their university health insurance premium cost.