Applying for Graduate Funding

University Fellowships

Fellowship awards, which begin in autumn, are non-service appointments, providing a monthly stipend and payment of resident and non-resident tuition and fees. 

Graduate School Fellowships are limited in number and are awarded through a centralized, highly competitive university-wide process to those applicants who show outstanding scholarly accomplishment and the most outstanding potential for graduate study.

Criteria include all admissions materials, including transcripts of previous coursework, letters of recommendation, autobiographical statement, and recommendations from the School of Music. Applicants are not required to take the GRE for Fellowship consideration. Please check the application procedures to see if it is required for your major for admission purposes.  

To be considered for a University Fellowship, please check the appropriate box in the Funding Opportunities section of the online graduate application. There are no additional applications or forms required. Refer to Graduate Students - How to Apply.

Priority for funding will be given to qualified domestic and international applicants whose completed application and supporting materials (including letters of recommendation/reference letters) are received by NOVEMBER 30.

Performance majors must audition by January 18, 2020 to be considered for a fellowship. The application and all supporting materials still need to be received (as noted above) by NOVEMBER 30.

Graduate Associateships

Graduate Associateships are the School's primary source for funding many of its graduate students.  These positions provide a full fee waiver and monthly stipend, in exchange for 20 hours of service per week during autumn and spring. Those who serve for both semesters are eligible for a full fee waiver in summer term (information subject to change with semester conversion).

Graduate Associates are typically assigned to one of three areas: teaching in undergraduate courses, working as administrative associates within the School, or working with one of the faculty on a research grant.

Applicants seeking a Graduate Associateship must submit applications and all supporting materials by March 1, 2020 (with the exception of Musicology applicants, who must submit all materials by January 1, 2020). Graduate Associateships are normally awarded during spring for the following academic year.

To be considered for a Graduate Associateship, please check the appropriate boxes in the Funding Opportunities section of the online graduate application. There are no additional applications or forms required. Refer to Graduate Students - How to Apply.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Graduate Funding Opportunities

Detailed information about graduate associate positions and fellowships can be found in the current School of Music Graduate Student Handbook.