Music Cognition


Music cognition
Music cognition approaches the study of music as a product of human minds/brains. 

The field involves psychologists, music theorists, systematic musicologists, ethnomusicologists, cognitive scientists, and philosophers interested in comprehending human music-making and musicality.

The Ohio State University maintains a lively community of scholars in the field of music cognition with a wealth of research produced in the Music Cognition Laboratory. Up to ten faculty, graduate students, research staff and post-doctoral fellows belong to the Ohio State music cognition group. The university supports music cognition through graduate education, research, graduate assistantships and occasional workshops/symposia.

Music cognition activities at Ohio State are supported by the Department of Psychology, the School of Music, the Center for Cognitive and Brain Science, and Office of Academic Affairs. Participants are drawn primarily from the School of Music and the Department of Psychology. However, various faculty from other departments also engage in research related to music cognition, including faculty from Speech and Hearing Sciences, Linguistics and Philosophy.

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