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Men’s Glee Club honors alumni who have served

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March 2020 — a time when the performing arts were silenced. From dancers, to orchestras, to Broadway, to choirs — many forms of artistic creation and expression went dormant. An enemy we could not see and could not combat took away not only livelihoods but also ways of life. For a creative/performing artist, it is not always easy to separate who we are from what we do.

Pre-pandemic, success in the Men’s Glee Club at The Ohio State University was, in part, defined by inspired concerts, community outreach, summer alumni-reunion concerts and engagement with students. During the months of the COVID-19 shutdown, the MGC’s definition of success was expanded to include virtual rehearsals and virtual choral performances.    

The MGC’s final project of the 2020–2021 season was this virtual recording that recognizes MGC alumni who honored both themselves and the United States through their service in the military. There is also a secondary theme here. The ideals of honor, service, community and commitment that are the hallmark of the military are also woven into the fabric of every MGC blazer. The men who have had the privilege to wear our iconic scarlet blazer exhibit many of those same qualities.

A presence on the campus since 1875, the Men's Glee Club has survived challenges ranging from the pandemic of 1918, the Great Depression, military conflicts and COVID-19. United we stood and united we continue to stand… and SING!


Robert J. Ward
MGC conductor

During the unusual 2020–2021 academic year, the Men's Glee Club was committed to making positive things happen despite the historic and unusually demanding circumstances. Committed to preserving and strengthening our community, this special project addresses our goal by celebrating Men's Glee Club — both past and present.

The ensemble created a virtual choral performance of “Armed Forces Medley,” arranged by alumnus Timothy Sarsany. The performance was created by the ensemble in Spring 2021, directed by Dr. Robert J. Ward and assisted by Casey Cook, associate director and collaborative pianist. The video is dedicated to all Men’s Glee Club alumni who served in the US Armed Forces and features images of alumni in uniform — ranging from WWII vets to those currently serving — as well as favorite images of the Columbus campus.


Dr. Sisson

“What an inspired, marvelous idea! Brings back very special memories. The Men’s Glee Club was an important part of my undergraduate years."

Dr. Richard Sisson, MGC President 1957–1958,
Former Ohio State University Provost

Lt. Col. Austin DuFresne

"Joining the Glee Club turned into so much more than I could have ever asked for. The lifelong friendships forged and the music we created are memories that I cherish every day. The level of artistry that I experienced during my days with OSU MGC is something I have chased since I left."

Lt. Colonel Austin DuFresne, North Carolina Army National Guard