Course and Rehearsal Details

Ensemble Update for Autumn 2020

The Ohio State choral program will be online for Autumn Semester 2020. Our choral faculty, in conversation with Ohio State administrators and the university's COVID-19 Transition Task Force, have determined that this is the best decision to ensure the health of all involved in the choral program. Acknowledging that nothing can replace in-person rehearsals and concerts, the choral faculty are committed to providing meaningful educational and performance experiences amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choral Auditions

Audition dates and procedures for Autumn 2020 are available at the Choral Auditions page.

Rehearsal Schedules and Enrollment Information

All choirs will be offered virtually.

  • Chorale (MW, 1:50–2:45 p.m.)
  • Women's Glee Club (MW, 3–3:55 p.m.)
  • Men's Glee Club (MW, 4:10–5:05 p.m.)
    • Statesmen (Sundays, 8–10 p.m.)
  • University Chorus (M, 5:20–6:15 p.m.)


    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.01–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.01–010

University Chorus:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.03–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.03–010

Men’s Glee Club:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.04–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.04–010

Statesmen: MUSIC 2203.08–010

Women’s Glee Club:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.05–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.05–010