Course and Rehearsal Details

The Ohio State University Choral Program

Choral offerings and enrollment information
Autumn Semester 2019


All choirs will rehearse at Indianola Presbyterian Church, 1970 Waldeck Ave.

  • Walk eastbound on 17th Ave., next to the Huntington Bank for two blocks. At the intersection of 17th and Waldeck, turn left; the church will be one block north (you will see the church from here). Enter through the tower door.
  • Walk north on High Street to 18th Ave. and turn right (at Buckeye Donuts and Wendy’s). Walk two blocks. At the intersection of 18th and Waldeck the church will be straight ahead.

Symphonic Choir (MWF, 1:50–2:45 p.m.)
Women's Glee Club (MWF, 3:00–3:55 p.m.)
Men's Glee Club (MWF, 4:10–5:05 p.m.)
University Chorus (MW, 5:20–6:15 p.m.)
Choral Sight Reading (M, 6:30–7:15 p.m.)

Course and class numbers

Symphonic Choir:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.02-010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.02–010

University Chorus:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.03–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.03–010

Men’s Glee Club:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.04–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.04–010

Women’s Glee Club:
    Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.05–010
    Graduate: MUSIC 7203.05–010

Statesmen: MUSIC 2203.08–010

Choral Sight Reading: MUSIC 4193–270