Audition Instructions

Ensemble Update for Autumn 2020

To honor our fundamental commitment to the health, well-being and safety of all involved in ensemble music making, the structure of large ensembles has been modified this semester. The modifications follow months of discussion in which the needs of musicians who gather in person to make music have been balanced with the most reliable scientific evidence available regarding COVID-19. Modifications to the size of ensembles, instrumentation, variety of music making settings, and performance experiences have been implemented. Additionally, strict adherence to all protocols established by our university have also been incorporated, and include the identified maximum number of musicians allowed in each given rehearsal space, the maximum length of any single rehearsal, and balancing in-person and virtual learning experiences.

Wind Symphony  •  Symphonic Band  •  Collegiate Winds  •

and Symphony Orchestra Brass, Winds and Percussion

Note: An audition is not required for University Band. Read Autumn 2020 letter to students on the web page.

Audition Instructions

Auditions for Autumn 2020 will be video-recorded by each auditionee, and submitted for evaluation according to the procedures outlined in the instruction pages of the audition material packet. Auditions will be evaluated by conducting and studio faculty members.

DEADLINE to submit audition recordings 5 p.m. on MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2020

Excerpts change each semester.

MUSIC MAJORS: All woodwind and brass students majoring in music are expected to prepare audition materials for Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band and/or Symphony Orchestra (see below). It is not permissible for a music major to prepare an audition for Collegiate Winds, only.

NON-MUSIC MAJORS auditioning for membership in Collegiate Winds, only (not Symphonic Band or Wind Symphony): prepare ONLY the Compulsories and the Lyrical Etude in your audition packet.

If you have questions, contact Christopher Dent, administrative associate for concert bands.


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