Conducting (MM)

Audition Procedures

MM in Choral, Wind or Orchestral Conducting

Applicants must perform a live audition before admission to the master of music performance degree programs. Applicants must demonstrate sufficient performing ability to satisfy the audition committee that they will be able to fulfill requirements for the degree. 

Applicants who wish to be considered for a university fellowship must perform a live audition by the January date listed in Graduate Auditions. Applicants who wish to be considered for a School of Music graduate teaching associateship must perform a live audition by March 1.

Audition Requirements

1. The applicant for the master of music in conducting is required to submit the following (see Graduate Application Procedures for details on the submission of materials).

a. A personal résumé detailing background, conducting experience, conducting teachers, and a list of repertoire studies;
b. A list of pieces performed (conducted) in public;
c. An audio recording, with a list of repertoire, of the applicant performing on a major instrument or voice; and
d. A pre-screening video recording of live conducting, including both rehearsal and performance.

2. Pending successful screening, an invitation from the advising professor, the applicant will schedule the following:

a. A personal interview;
b. A conducting audition;
c. A keyboard proficiency test.

This is a small and select program. For that reason, students may matriculate in the MM Choral Conducting, MM Orchestral Conducting, or MM Wind Conducting program only during autumn semester. When you complete your application, please indicate autumn as the intended semester of admission.