Conducting (DMA)

Audition Procedures

Applicants for the DMA in conducting should have at least three years of fulltime professional conducting/teaching experience prior to application.

In addition to the other items required for admission to the School of Music, applicants should initially upload a pre-audition video into the Graduate Admissions Application, documenting the applicant’s rehearsal and performance work as follows:

  1. A rehearsal video recording of approximately 30 minutes’ duration from a single rehearsal; this recording should show a frontal view of the conductor and verbal directions should be clearly audible.
  2. A performance video recording including several contrasting selections; this video may be made from the audience’s position, but should clearly show the conductor’s gestures. Although the performance video may consist of a number of selections recorded at various times, individual performances should be intact and technologically unaltered.
  3. At least one of these videos must have been made within six months prior to application.
  4. All videos must be of high visual and aural quality.

If the pre-audition video recordings are acceptable, the coordinator of graduate conducting, Dr. Russel Mikkelson, will invite the applicant to schedule an audition with the conducting faculty. Applicants will conduct a rehearsal with at least one Ohio State University ensemble in their major area (band, chorus, or orchestra). In addition, applicants will interview with the entire conducting faculty. To be considered for a university fellowship, the applicants must audition by the January date listed in Graduate Auditions. Applicants for a School of Music graduate teaching associateship (GTA) must audition during autumn or spring semester, but no later than March 1.

This is a small and select program. For that reason, students may matriculate in the DMA Conducting program only during autumn semester. When you complete your application, please indicate autumn as the intended semester of admission.