Music & Dance Library

18th Ave. LibraryThe Ohio State University Music & Dance Library supports and strengthens music and dance performance, teaching, learning and research by providing comprehensive digital and print collections, together with a professional staff to facilitate their use.

At present, the collections include some 80,000 disc and tape recordings (including 28,000 CDs), 130,000 books and scores, 12,000 serials, 5,600 microfilms, a large collection of DVD and VHS videos, and a wide range of online research databases and streaming audio services. Most materials may be checked out to members of the Ohio State community using their Buck-IDs, and beyond the university through the OhioLINK and WorldCat interlibrary loan systems.

The Library also owns microfilm reproductions of the Deutsches Musikgeschichtliches Archiv of documents in Renaissance and early Baroque music, thousands of significant music manuscripts held in major English libraries, reproductions of early printed music and books on music at Harvard, and of most of Bach's and Mozart's manuscripts. The Library's collections have broadened from Western music to reflect the expansion of The Ohio State University School of Music programs in popular music, jazz and musics of the world's cultures.

The Ohio State University Music & Dance Library
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