Student Lockers

LockersHoused in Weigel and Hughes Halls, the School of Music has approximately 564 lockers in a variety of sizes to accommodate the storage of orchestral instruments as well as books and personal effects.


  • Available to any current Ohio State student participating in School of Music classes or ensembles that require the student to provide his or her own instrument.
  • Locker assignments are determined by the specific storage needs of the student’s primary instrument and students may apply for a second locker if the need is proven.
  • Students are responsible for providing their own lock.
  • Locker assignments are for no more than the current academic year and must be vacated by the first Monday after spring commencement.
  • Summer Semester: Students who are attending summer courses may apply for summer-only locker assignment by permission of the Instrument Room manager.
  • Any locker that is found occupied without authorized assignment will be opened and the contents removed.
  • The School of Music and The Ohio State University are not responsible for the loss of personal articles stored in School of Music lockers.

How to Apply

  • Apply for a locker at the School of Music Instrument Room, 08 Hughes Hall (basement).
    • Students must present a current BuckID to apply.
  • Applications are limited to music majors only through the first full week of classes in autumn semester.
  • After Labor Day, any eligible Ohio State student participating in School of Music ensembles can apply for a lockers at any time through the rest of the school year.

For more information regarding the instrument room and locker policies, contact Jim Broadhurst at